Regarding the Therapeutic Process

Basically, I believe in team work between a therapist and a client. The therapist is not an expert who has all the solutions, but rather, somebody who can guide and accompany another person in the discovery of himself/herself who can then take charge of his/her own life’s choices.

Our body tells our story, and as such, it is a wonderful gateway to access the psyche and the emotions. When coupled with analysis, body work enables both client and therapist to do in-depth work and resolve inner conflicts.

It is not merely the arrival point that counts. The path one takes to get there can also offer many moments of joyful discovery and well-being along the way.


Regarding Change

Regardless of age, regardless of the difficulty we are faced with, change is always possible, even on a small scale.

We do not have the power to change other people but we can change ourselves and modify our way of being in relation with others in order to bring more peace and harmony into our relationships.

Often times, the conflicts we experience with other people in our environment are but a reflection of conflicts going on inside of ourselves between two “voices”, one of which is often that of a parent, while the other is that of the child within striving to be heard. Opening a dialogue between those voices can bring change and a better integration of all the aspects of our being.

We do not always have the power to intervene on difficult situations in order to modify them, but we have the power to modify the way we experience these situations in order to give them meaning.

One cannot pull on a blade of grass to make it grow. Sometimes, we have to be patient with ourselves when we decide to commit to an in-depth process of change.


Regarding the emotions we experience

Anger is not necessarily destructive. When we learn to own it instead of being possessed by it, anger is a life force that enables us to speak up for ourselves, to set our boundaries, to assert ourselves and to take our place into the world.

Shame can be transcended as soon as we are convinced that every human being deserves respect and has the right to be who he/she is, starting with ourselves.

Compassion and openness of the heart towards ourselves and others are powerful tools for healing the wounds that were inflicted to us in the past.